A 14-week activation journey for Feminine New Earth Leaders who are ready to lead from the deepest layer of their Awakening & Wisdom.


You have been waiting for this moment for many incarnations.

Your soul chose to come here during this profound time in humanity’s evolution.

The time is now to bring forth a new wave of spiritual leaders
who activate and actualize themselves on all levels;
to fulfill their divine mission and create the widespread ripples of awakening on this beautiful planet.

This time calls for all the Cosmic Wanderesses who are joint together on earth from all corners of the Universe, to fully embody who they are and what they came here to do.

This is a gathering for those who know, resonating deeply within, that they were born for more, as co-creators with the power to visualize a New Earth into being.

You are one of these visionaries, and your Cosmic Self is inviting you to unlock the wisdom deep within, so your deepest soul expression can emerge in service to the evolution of your individual soul and the collective humanity.

For planet earth needs you now.

A powerful change is sweeping the planet and you have been preparing for this moment for many lifetimes.


  • You wake up in the morning trusting your higher vision and feeling aligned with your soul purpose every single day.
  • You move through life with clarity because you remember your past & parallel lives and know the agreements your soul made before coming here.
  • Standing in your spiritual truth feels exciting and you radiate an unshakable sense of wisdom to the people around you because you no longer 'believe', you 'know'.
  • You receive guidance by exploring your dreams and past/parallel lives, connecting with your Cosmic Self, and channeling information directly from Source or higher-dimensional beings.
  • Your everyday life is infused with magic, synchronicities, divine guidance, and constant growth because you operate in the realms of higher consciousness.
  • You embody deep, cosmic wisdom and are a magnet for other eager souls who want to learn from you – either in your personal life or in your spiritual soul-business. 
  • You stand in your power as a leader and visionary during this evolutionary leap in awakening and know exactly how to share your magic with the world.
The Remembrance of Your Divine Truth.

Is any of this you?

  • You have a divine mission to fulfill on earth but need help to remember what exactly it is.
  • You feel misunderstood by your surroundings and want to gain unshakable confidence in your spirituality so you no longer have to second-guess yourself.
  • You are a visionary who believes in the power of higher consciousness and hear the calling to be part of the shift in humanity.
  • You already offer services and want to guide your clients from a place of deep, cosmic wisdom or you desire to become a guide in the future.
  • You want to help raise the collective consciousness through the ripple effect of your personal evolution.
  • You want to learn how to channel, deepen your intuition, talk to your Cosmic Self, and fully trust your ability to receive cosmic messages.
  • Your soul knows you're a spiritual leader for the New Earth but you crave a deeper soul-connection to fully step into your power and feel authorized to follow your divine mission.
  • You feel strongly that you're capable of so much more and are ready to step into the highest version of yourself.
  • You want to invest in the real deal and rise from this experience as an empowered, ascending woman who can see the big picture of high-level spiritual knowledge and how it relates to life.

I know this too well.

I used to feel like I don't belong on earth.

For as long as I can remember, I've always felt different. Childhood trauma and a congenital heart defect made me feel distant from the world around me and I couldn't relate to others my age.

I constantly felt like someone had accidentally dropped me off on earth or that I must have fallen out of a spaceship passing by. I had this deep longing for purpose, and always felt like an ancient soul, coming to earth with a mission that she had forgotten.

Until I had to face a life-changing and terrifying experience: an open heart surgery that was so complex that it could only be performed by one specific cardiac surgeon in Germany.

This surgery and its healing process were the catalysts for my spiritual awakening. After the surgery, the cosmic veil had been lifted for me and suddenly it all made sense. I realized that my challenges were tough because my calling was high, and that everything led up to this point in my life.

So I committed to deeply getting to know my soul even if that meant dealing with the trauma that was blocking out my light. I delved into the most complex and large spiritual concepts and learned to decode the cosmic information that was coming through ever since my surgery.

And wow, has it changed my life. Today I am following my divine purpose, and what used to make me feel different and distant from everyone else is now my greatest gift on the cosmic mission I came to fulfill here on earth. On my own journey, I learned that I came here with the sole purpose of guiding others toward truth, Cosmic Self awareness, freedom, and higher consciousness.

I am a COSMIC WANDERESS. And I will share the wisdom, activations, and energetics that made me remember my higher purpose with you in this program, so you can remember and start living your own.

The Cosmic Wanderess is...

  • deeply knowledgeable in the most profound spiritual concepts.
  • living her soul purpose and following her mission, creating massive energetic impact.
  • deeply aware of her multidimensional aspects and how they relate to her human self.
  • surrounded by her soul community, creating a fulfilling reality for herself and others.
  • a keeper of wisdom that allows her to guide others on their spiritual path.
  • free from social conditioning that dims her light.
  • in constant conversation with her intuition and Cosmic Self.
  • a channel for guidance and cosmic wisdom.
  • embodying her highest frequency.
  • a confident spiritual leader in our shifting reality as we move into a new paradigm.
She is within you. She’s waiting for you to unlock soul memories and gifts you have carried with you and evolved over many incarnations to use them now for yourself and the greater collective.


More than ever, now is the time to awaken your true, cosmic power and create a new template for all of humanity.





This phase is about honoring your calling and stepping into your role as a lightworker and spiritual seeker. This phase will create the foundation for your spiritual transformation by reclaiming your birthright to receive cosmic information and attuning you to the messages of your Cosmic Self.


Phase Two provides you with insightful wisdom about creation and what your place as a co-creator in the divine design is. You will complete this phase with a comprehensive understanding of multidimensionality, and expand your sense of self beyond your human identity.


In Phase Three you will dive into the concept of false light and what it provides for us. With my support, you will learn how to set up spiritual protection and become a sovereign soul using discernment during your spiritual practice. On a personal level, you'll be diving into the parts that keep you from standing in your cosmic power and embodying your lightworker mission.


In Phase Four you will activate your inner guidance system and go through the powerful process of setting up a sign language with your Cosmic Self. After completing this phase you will know how to seek out your higher aspects and receive direct answers.


Phase Five leaves you with a life-long and impactful connection to your cosmic essence. You will learn how to channel and go through your first initiated channeling experience. To deepen your cosmic connection, you will experience a past life exploration that allows you to connect with different aspects of yourself. After this phase, you will know how to use Isabelle's powerful signature technique to explore dreams, visions, and memories on your journey forward.


In Phase Six you will learn how to own your light and shine it in everyday life. The ripple effect of your light will help so many people. The layers you shed will leave you with a new, empowered, awakened Cosmic Wanderess who is ready to fully nourish herself on all levels, and share her light with the collective.

A powerful combination of spiritual teachings, personal exploration and energetic attunement.
The Recipe to Igniting Your Divine Spark & Opening Your Channels.


My transformative six-phase program was intentionally created to give you a solid foundation of spiritual wisdom and a deeper understanding of yourself and the cosmos. Through your connection and wisdom, you can confidently step into your soul mission to lead others as we collectively shift into a new paradigm.


You have personal access to me in weekly live lectures in an intimate group container. These calls will be a mixture of powerful lectures, free-flow & answering your questions. Besides that, you get exclusive access to me 6 days per week via a group chat.


You get lifetime access to the online learning portal which includes in-depth self-study modules, videos, audios, worksheets, guided practices and meditations. During the mentorship, new content is being released weekly for you to immerse in.


In 12 powerful Cosmic Attunements, you will be guided through my unique and highly effective method of connecting with your Cosmic Self. Within just 14 weeks you will unlock your gifts and become a deeply knowledgeable, sovereign soul.


Get access to timeless and exclusive bonus material and receive welcome gifts sent to your home. After CWM, you will have the opportunity to deepen your wisdom in an intimate group of empowered lightworkers ready to anchor the highest frequency grid on this planet.




Foundational Spiritual Concepts | Source & Oneness | Healing Cosmic Amnesia | Honoring Your Calling | Aligning with Your Purpose & Mission | Divine Reclamation | Creating a Manifesto | Understanding different Soul Types | Lightworker Activation & more


Your Place as a Co-Creator in the Divine Design | Meet your Multidimensional and Cosmic Self | The Game of Life | You Create Your Own Reality | How We Exist on different Sub-Dimensions | 5D Ascension | The Soul Matrix | Soul Recalibration & more


False Light | Using Discernment | Polarity on Earth | Entities & Spiritual Protection | Thought Forms | Shielding Techniques | The Dark Night of the Soul | Cosmic Shadow Work | The Concept of Heaven & Hell | Connecting with Christ Consciousness & more


Balancing Your Chakras | Blocked, Balanced, and Overactive Chakras | Cosmic Connection & Grounding | Heart Realization vs. Head Realization | Your Heart as Your Inner Guidance System | Talking to Your Cosmic Self | Receiving Embodied Answers & more


Channeling | Exploring the Astral | Walking into Dreams & Visions by Activating Your Third Eye | Contact with Extraterrestrials | Your Cosmic Family | Timelines | Your Personal Power Circle | Past/Parallel Life Exploration | Pre-Birth Agreements & more


Channeling Your Cosmic Link | How to use Your Cosmic Link | Body Tracing with Light Codes | Light Language | Light Symbols | Your Ripple Effect | Ascending to Your Full Power | Final Cosmic Attunement & more – additionally: more than 20 BONUS Modules



Becoming knowledgeable in the most profound spiritual concepts


Embodying your Cosmic Self and operating as a multidimensional channel


Stepping up as a conscious and sovereign co-creator & New Earth leader


Remembering your cosmic history, divine mission, and soul plan

The Cosmic Wanderess is within you. She’s waiting for you to unlock soul memories and gifts you have carried with you and evolved over many incarnations to use them now for yourself and the greater collective.


About Isabelle Gloria

Isabelle Gloria is a spiritual mentor and teacher for women on their spiritual journey desiring to awaken to their divine mission and step forward as spiritual leaders. She experienced her spiritual awakening after several near-death experiences and open-heart surgery.

Ever since the cosmic veil has lifted for her, she fully committed to self-realization and spiritual evolution and is now teaching women how to understand their multidimensional power and place in the divine design to not only go through their own transformation but also take part in the collective shift onto the new earth timeline.

She is an infinite source of cosmic wisdom, and her gift is to translate the complex language of the cosmos into tangible spiritual concepts that assist eager souls on their ascension path.

Through her online presence and purpose as a mentor and teacher, Isabelle Gloria has helped thousands of women to open their channels and show up in the collective as powerful spiritual leaders.

Do you feel called to be one of them?


"CWM has expanded my consciousness and my knowledge in incredible ways. All that wisdom seemed out of my reach until I joined CWM. It has brought me so much security, knowledge, and awakened the parts of my soul that wanted to be seen, but I wasn’t ready to awaken before. CWM is so valuable to anyone who is willing to invest in themselves, expand their consciousness and look at the big picture."

– Natalie, Germany

"This journey with CWM has helped me gain much more confidence and feel more grounded in my spirituality. I’ve learned so many incredible tools to have an empowering connection with my Cosmic Self, my intuition, and Source. These spiritual tools are priceless, and I will carry them on with me throughout my life to help me go through life in an empowered way. I'm grateful you for this opportunity to work with Isabelle!"

– Elvira, Canada

"Throughout those few months that I spent with Isabelle, I learned so much about my cosmic self and where I came from. I got to channel past lives, tap into my highest self, and heal trauma on a deep level. If there is one major thing I have taken away from this journey, it's that my intuition is much stronger than I thought it was, and I'm learning to trust it more and more every day." 

– Kayla, USA

"CWM is one of the best choices I've ever made! My consciousness and wisdom have expanded so much. The tools this mentorship offers are life-altering – it will transform not just you but your entire life! Just like it has mine! If you question if you're on the right path or if you struggle with getting started with the life you're drawn to – this mentorship is definitely for you!" 

– Nadia, Denmark


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  • The investment includes lifetime access to the program and any of its future upgrades

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Frequently Asked Questions

Awakening Soul,

I created this program for you. It is the program I wish I had when I craved deep, cosmic and spiritual fulfillment. It can now serve you as a short-cut for your own transformation.

I want to see you rise just as much as you want it because I know how powerful your unfolding will be not only for yourself but for the collective as well. Together, we are changing the world– one empowered woman at a time.

Are you ready to make it happen?



3333 €

One Time Payment

(Payment plans available)

  • The investment includes lifetime access to the program and any of its future upgrades


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CWM Diamond is a higher-tier offer with additional 1:1 support on top of CWMs inclusions. Private 1:1 mentoring with me is a high investment. Please only inquire if you are ready to financially and energetically invest in working with me on such an intimate and profound level.

I only accept 2 Diamond clients per intake.