A 13-week Journey for aspiring Coaches & New Earth Leaders to unlock the unique expression of your business and create a powerful movement.


The Cosmic Wanderess Mentorship is designed to elevate Spiritual Entrepreneurs to New Earth Leadership by activating unshakeable confidence, knowledge of high-level spiritual concepts, and connecting you with all the answers about your cosmic mission that you've been craving to get.

The Cosmic Wanderess® Mentorship elevates aspiring Coaches to the forefront of Conscious Leadership.

Tap into your cosmic connection, define your business vision, and build a soul-infused online presence that resonates with your ideal clients and builds your audience.

You came here with a divine mission. You feel called to something higher than yourself, and you know that you incarnated on this planet to assist in something profound that humanity has never seen before. Following your soul's guidance, you aspire to become a coach. The moment you chose to turn your calling into your business, you already told the Universe that you're a leader and that you came to make an impact.

Yet, you're still in search of clarity and direction. On a soul level, you crave a deeper connection to your calling. On a human level, you long to define your business vision, find your unique voice in the coaching industry, and build your communityYou're on a journey to understand your true calling and need support in laying the foundation for a thriving coaching business. 

The path of leadership, impact, and abundance is already yours. Your soul has already chosen before you even came here. Your task is to let go of the limiting stories that keep you from aligning with this path.

Your business is the vessel that you’re creating for your divine mission to reach people in the 3D world. As a conscious soul, you’re here to thrive and be seen because that’s what it takes to fulfill your mission. The realm of possibilities is infinite, and you're on the verge of discovering just how limitless it truly is.


The new round of CWM starts in November 2023!

Is this you?

  • You want to uncover your true calling and turn it into a successful coaching business.

  • You feel a profound calling to share your insights and wisdom with others.

  • You have a strong desire to create a meaningful impact through your coaching services, and you're looking for the right strategies to achieve that.

  • You crave clarity on how to build your community and attract your ideal clients.

  • You're ready to step into what you've been dreaming of for a while now: launching your coaching business, creating a strong online presence, and marketing your services.

  • You're passionate about developing a coaching technique that is uniquely your own and helps you stand out as a coach.

  • You seek guidance on how to confidently market yourself as a leader through self-expression and branding.

Imagine this...

  • You wake up every day inspired, knowing you are about to help people transform their lives.

  • Your work feels like a true expression of your higher purpose and you understand your unique mission as a leader.

  • Your online community is growing, attracting a steady stream of clients who resonate with your unique coaching style.

  • You embody conscious leadership with a recognizable style expressed confidently in your content.

  • Your signature coaching method is unique, offering clients an exclusive transformational experience.

  • You are recognized as a trusted leader and coach in your niche.

  • You maintain a deep connection with your Cosmic Self®, trusting its guidance to fulfill your soul mission and create impactful messages.

  • Your business offers you the freedom to design your own schedule and live life on your terms.

You're about to embark on an incredible journey, and I am honored to help lead the way.


The Cosmic Wanderess is within you. She’s waiting for you to unlock soul memories and gifts you have carried with you and evolved over many incarnations to use them now for yourself and the greater collective.


You'll receive...

Lifetime access to the content of the CWM 6-phase process and any of its future upgrades. During the mentorship, new content is being released weekly for you to immerse in.

12 powerful calls in an intimate container to guide you every step of the way and answer all of your questions.
Daily support and personal guidance from Isabelle to bring your business vision to life.


Create your distinctive and magnetic business identity through soul-infused branding and finding your USP (unique selling point).

You will learn my highly effective method of connecting with your Cosmic Self® to unlock your gifts and deeply connect with your purpose.

Access to a community channel to make friends, share, celebrate, connect & grow together.

Receive your custom Cosmic Self® necklace & many more exclusive surprises sent to your home.


Get access to a timeless library with 40+ bonus modules.

CWM provides Rising Coaches with the method to find your Unique Expression, create a Magnetic Brand, and build the Foundation to stand out as a Conscious Leader

After completing CWM, you will have unshakable confidence and trust in your mission, a solid and powerful brand identity for your business, know exactly how to show up as a leader and market yourself, and are ready to guide new clients through powerful transformations with your own signature technique




This phase is about honoring your calling and stepping into your role as a lightworker and spiritual seeker. This phase will create the foundation for your spiritual transformation by reclaiming your birthright to receive cosmic information and attuning you to the messages of your Cosmic Self.


Phase Two provides you with insightful wisdom about creation and what your place as a co-creator in the divine design is. You will complete this phase with a comprehensive understanding of multidimensionality, and expand your sense of self beyond your human identity.


In Phase Three you will dive into the concept of false light and what it provides for us. With my support, you will learn how to set up spiritual protection and become a sovereign soul using discernment during your spiritual practice. On a personal level, you'll be diving into the parts that keep you from standing in your cosmic power and embodying your lightworker mission.


In Phase Four you will activate your inner guidance system and go through the powerful process of setting up a sign language with your Cosmic Self. After completing this phase you will know how to seek out your higher aspects and receive direct answers.


Phase Five leaves you with a life-long and impactful connection to your cosmic essence. You will learn how to channel and go through your first initiated channeling experience. To deepen your cosmic connection, you will experience a past life exploration that allows you to connect with different aspects of yourself. After this phase, you will know how to use Isabelle's powerful signature technique to explore dreams, visions, and memories on your journey forward.


In Phase Six you will learn how to own your light and shine it in everyday life. The ripple effect of your light will help so many people. The layers you shed will leave you with a new, empowered, awakened Cosmic Wanderess who is ready to fully nourish herself on all levels, and share her light with the collective.

Cosmic Wanderess® Mentorship


Get to know your Cosmic Self® and feel confident and deeply connected with your calling & purpose.


Step into the role of a conscious leader and learn how to truly embody this archetype in your work and how to let it speak through your offers.


Create the business of your dreams that feels like an extension of your soul and is unique in your industry.

Meet Isabelle Gloria

Spiritual Leadership Mentor Spiritual Teacher

I had my first near-death experience directly after birth when I flatlined due to a congenital heart defect. Another one followed at the age of 9 during a medical procedure. I would later remember this one as a vivid memory of my soul choosing to merge back with my body because I wanted to complete my mission.

Open heart surgery at the age of 19 triggered my spiritual awakening and it was as if someone had lifted the cosmic veil for me. I've always known that having these extraordinary experiences has a deeper purpose. The level of cosmic insight I have would not be possible without them. I wouldn't be able to guide people in the same way I do and provide such a one-of-a-kind perspective on spiritual business and conscious leadership.

Looking back, my entire life I was guided to see the bigger picture and find purpose in helping other conscious souls to step into their power. We all came to earth to remember, reclaim, co-create & liberate. The time is now to bring forth a new wave of conscious leaders 
who activate and actualize themselves on all levels; 
to fulfill their divine mission and create the widespread ripples of awakening on this beautiful planet. I want to see you transform into the most powerful version of yourself, so unshakably confident that you magnetize many, many people into your world, and guide them onto their highest path. The world needs you with your authentic voice and unique offers.

This is how we create an impact.


Cosmic Wanderess® Mentorship


Gain clarity about the energy of your ideal audience and future clients to directly speak to those in need of your magic. Experience a new dimension of intuitive business and guidance through my signature Cosmic Self® method.


Make the connection between your 3D business and your soul’s mission by moving through in-depth practices that take you beyond the human experience. Look at your business through the cosmic lens and get to see its bigger picture to confidently lead from this purpose-driven place.


Unlock recognition and visibility with your unique, soul-infused branding and a magnetic USP (unique selling point). Learn how to craft impactful content that embodies your divine mission, and create your own signature technique to differentiate yourself as a coach while establishing it as the cornerstone of your first offer.


Stop hiding in the image of what a coach "should" be like. Confidently create your own world that makes you stand out in the coaching industry, become visible as a leader, and magnetic to your audience.


Unveil what’s blocking you from fully owning your bold leadership and become aware of patterns that keep you from thinking big, even though you know deep down that creating massive impact is exactly what you came here to do.


Expand into your new reality as a conscious leader with a solid business identity that fully aligns with the divine mission you came here to fulfill and is unique from everyone else in your industry.


3333 €

One Time Payment

(Payment plans available)

  • The investment includes lifetime access to the program and any of its future upgrades


3333 €

One Time Payment

(Payment plans available)

  • The investment includes lifetime access to the program and any of its future upgrades


Inquiry Only

Premium Option

CWM Diamond is a higher-tier offer with additional 1:1 support on top of CWMs inclusions. Private 1:1 mentoring with me is a high investment. Please only inquire if you are ready to financially and energetically invest in working with me on such an intimate and profound level.

I only accept 2 Diamond clients per intake.



5555 €

Payment plans available
  • includes lifetime access to the program and any of its future upgrades
  • 12 weekly coaching calls in an intimate group container
  • personal access to Isabelle 6 days/week

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions, send me a DM on Instagram @isabellegloria, or send me an email at [email protected] and I will get back to you within 24-48 hours.

Beautiful Soul,

This is the part where you get to turn your dreams into reality. You're at the cusp of a transformative journey

You've already made the decision to take control of your entrepreneurial journey. It's a thrilling yet daunting task, but the fact that you're here, ready to take action, is a testament to your determination and commitment to success.

Get ready to see just how far you can go...