Empowering Women to find Purpose and Enlightenment through Cosmic Connection. 

We all share one thing: we have something I call ‘Cosmic Amnesia’ which causes us to forget our origins and why we are here on this planet. To connect with our Cosmic Self and regain our sense of belonging influences every aspect of our life. When we feel empowered from within, our view on reality changes completely, and the deep impact of that experience connects us to the wisdom we hold within. Once we tap into this energy and expand beyond our human consciousness, we effortlessly and confidently shine our light in everyday life.

Isabelle Gloria experienced her spiritual awakening as a consequence of several near-death experiences and open-heart surgery. Ever since the cosmic veil has been lifted for her, she fully committed to self-realization and healing and is now teaching women how to follow the path of their own spiritual unfolding. Her knowledge and her unafraid approach to make the connection between emotional guidance and large spiritual and cosmic concepts provides a holistic approach to self-realization, personal evolution, and enlightenment.

This transformative 1:1 12-week program will assist you in re-connecting with your Cosmic Self and guide you to profoundly remember who you are on the deepest level. The unshakable connection you will develop over the course of this program will help you to cultivate inner peace and live a life based on your deepest truth and intuition. By connecting the dots of the bigger picture and by remembering your place in this Universe, you will experience a sense of belonging and purpose you never thought was possible.

Currently Welcoming Applications for November 2021!

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This program is for you if...


  • You want to understand the concept of creation. How does anything exist at all?
  • You believe to be a lightworker or a starseed and want to connect more with that side of you.
  • You already have spiritual knowledge but lack context of how everything is connected. 
  • You are done with superficial spirituality and don't want to read yet another book about the law of attraction but get to the juicy, mind-boggling, sacred wisdom that's going to change your life instead.
  • You want to learn more about the laws of the universe, multidimensionality, ascension, and other powerful spiritual concepts.
  • You long to connect with your Cosmic Self and find your purpose.
  • You are confused about your true purpose and feel aimless and uninspired in your 'regular' life.
  • You want to learn techniques to live more intuitively.
  • You’re interested in finding out more about past and parallel lives.
  • You seek spiritual guidance on impactful topics like creation, source consciousness, polarity, extraterrestrials, dimensions, astral realms,…
  • You long to create a spiritual routine that keeps you connected to your Cosmic Self
  • You want to cultivate more inner peace, clarity, and intuitive wisdom.

If you resonate with the above, the Cosmic Wanderess Mentorship is for you!

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Natalie Testimonial


"CWM has incredibly expanded my consciousness and my knowledge. All that wisdom seemed out of my reach until I joined CWM. The three months were really magical, and I'm grateful to have been part of it! Isabelle's presence encouraged me to look deeper! I'm grateful for her guidance throughout the entire program! It has brought me so much security, knowledge, and awakened the parts of my soul that wanted to be seen, but I wasn’t ready to awaken before. CWM is so valuable to anyone who is willing to invest in themselves, expand their consciousness and look at the big picture. Our deep conversations were mind-blowing, I could let my walls down without worrying about being judged which made me feel very safe."


My six-phase program was intentionally crafted to provide the transformation that will connect you to your Cosmic Self and unlock your wisdom within. Through emotional as well as spiritual work, you will gain a profound understanding of your own existence, so you can live authentically from a place of 'knowing' rather than 'believing'. 


Every week you will immerse in a 1:1 coaching call with Isabelle Gloria to share insights, get support with personal topics coming up, and receive guidance or deeper insight into the weekly topics. Besides that, you will have private access 6 days per week for additional guidance and reflections.


You will have access to the online learning portal that releases new content every week for you to work through and reflect on. The weekly schedule ensures that the content is in impactful order, so you can fully anchor into the wisdom and value of each week. After the program, you will have lifetime access to the portal including all content released in the future.

When you start to identify as a cosmic being, you’re not going crazy; you’re uncovering a new layer of truth.

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What is the Method?


Answer the call. This phase is about honoring your calling and stepping into your role as a spiritual seeker. We will explore your personal spiritual mission and dive deep into some foundational spiritual concepts that help you to confidently stand in your truth. By exploring the concepts of earthsouls, lightworkers, and starseeds you will gain a deeper understanding of the different types of souls and the essence of their role on planet earth.


In the beginning, there was the Infinite One. Phase Two provides you with profound wisdom about creation and the origin of our universe. You will complete this phase with a comprehensive understanding of how everything in existence was created and what your role in the divine design is. We will explore the nature of multidimensionality, Cosmic Amnesia, and the ladder of creation.


Phase Three will connect you to yourself on a deeper level. Get to know yourself as the being beyond your human costume, and activate your inner guidance system. This phase leaves you with a life-long and impactful connection to your cosmic essence. Within the Cosmic Wanderess Mentorship, you will learn helpful breathing techniques taught by a certified breathwork practitioner that will help balance the strong cosmic connection you will develop over the course of this program with grounding breathing practices. It will teach you how to anchor yourself in your body and why this is so important in order to stand in your full potential.


We are living in exciting times. In Phase Four you will explore the big picture of our existence and deepen the concept of souls and multidimensionality. You will learn more about why souls incarnate on earth and find out why your soul decided to take on the journey. This phase connects all the dots, and you will complete it with your own answers to what you thought were ‘unanswerable‘ questions.


If everything is made from love and light, why is there such thing as evil? In Phase Five you will dive deep into the concept of darkness and shine a new light on what it provides for us. With my support, you will transcend the old concept of darkness and learn to view it from a new perspective that doesn’t leave you feeling powerless. A certified life and soul evolution coach will provide tools for you that help you to lovingly work through your personal darkness, and dive into shadow work fearlessly and aligned with your heart.


The universe expands through you. In Phase Six you will learn how to own your light and shine it in everyday life. The ripple effect of your light will help so many people. The layers you shed will leave you with a new, empowered, awakened goddess who is ready to fully nourish herself on all levels, and share her light with the collective. In this final phase you will learn how to utilize this new power, and develop daily practices that keep your channels open and connected to your Cosmic Self.

Elvira Testimonial


"This journey with CWM has helped me gain much more confidence and feel more grounded in my spirituality. I’ve learned so many incredible tools to have an empowering connection with my Cosmic Self, my intuition, and Source. These spiritual tools are priceless, and I will carry them on with me throughout my life to help me go through life in an empowered way. I'm grateful you for this opportunity to work with Isabelle!"



"CWM is one of the best choices I've ever made! My consciousness and wisdom have expanded so much. The tools this mentorship offers are life-altering – and trust me – it will transform not just you but your entire life! Just like it has mine! If you question if you're on the right path or if you struggle with getting started with the life you're drawn to – this mentorship is definitely for you!" 

If you are ready to connect with your Cosmic Self...

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If you are ready to connect with your Cosmic Self...

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